Strong points scissorslift Berkvens Greenhouse Mobility

Steel surface treatment.

All steel is sand blasted and then two layers of powder coating are added.

  • Sand blasting is important to descale the steel.
    The sharp edges are also rounded off. Because of the sand blasting, instead of cleaning the steel in an acid bath, the steel can be coated immediately.
    This ensures that no rust will occur between the rolling scale (where normally the coating is) and the steel.
  • We chose to add a primer powder coat first and then add an easy to clean, smooth finish-coating.


Frame of the scissors

On every hinge point, a lubricating Teflon layer is added. This ensures a durable and a stable connection, even on long term. All tube material is at least 3 mm thick.
The lift cylinder is positioned in such a way that even in the lowest position, an angle regarding the frame of the scissors remains, making sure that even in the lowest position a very acceptable lifting capacity is achieved.


Lift cylinder

The lift cylinder is equipped with a security to prevent a fall. When the oil pressure drops, the platform will not fall down abruptly.
The lift cylinder is equipped with a pressure-compensating restrictor. This ensures a constant lowering speed, regardless of the platform pressure.


Lifting system

The lifting system moves the cart in the extension of the pipe-rail system. This ensures the cart, even after lowering, remains in the correct position if placed in the correct position in front of the rail and is immediately ready to move along the rail.

The lifting system works in both ways. Which means the pulling up of the wheels is also done using oil pressure. Because of this, the cart will never fall in failure due to an alert that the wheels are not pulled up by, for example, a weakened spring.
The lifting system is equipped with heavy quality wheels, two castors and two fixed. These are positioned in such a way that the Greenlift moves smoothly.




The wheel sets on a Berkvens Greenlift are always made of:

  • Heavy steel (5 mm) for use on the pipe-rail system.
  • Equipped with 40 mm Continental rubber tire for use on the concrete, which are protected using a heel protection. This tire will keep this quality on long term and won’t dry out causing pieces to break. This tire springs flexibly in and powerfully out to ensure the roll resistance to a minimum.
  • Massive axles with bearing on the outside for extra stability.
    The position of the wheel bearings also has the advantage that a minimum of rope or other materials pile up.





The Berkvens Greenlift is always equipped with a very powerful 450-Watt 24 Volt electro engine, specially designed for Berkvens.
The engine has a high number of revs, even in a very low speed (95% of the time). This ensure that the cart will never stop, but always keeps up with the chosen speed even when passing filth or welding. This also keeps the energy consumption low.


A very heavy and problem-free chain ensures the gear to the drive roller.






Foot pedal

The foot pedal, designed by Berkvens, will never let you down.
Thousands have been installed and has proven its reliability throughout the years.


Berkvens deliberately choses for simple electronics. With, based on quality water-resistant components, from for example “Schneider-Telemecanique” which are generally available everywhere. The Curtis engine controller is the only “print” installed component. All other electronics are “mechanically” designed and, if necessary, interchangeable using a screwdriver.







From the synthetic control panel (below in the frame) a continuous cable runs to the control panel itself.
The used cables are from proven quality on flexibility and durability.
The choice for synthetic control panels are due to minimal condensation.

Berkvens products do what they are supposed to do, nothing more and certainly nothing less.