Taks Handling Systems takes over Berkvens Greenhouse Mobility

Taks Handling Systems, located in Etten-Leur, The Netherlands, has taken over all shares of Berkvens Greenhouse Mobility in Asten. This is an important step in the company’s growth strategy. Taks Handling Systems develops, builds and installs complete harvest processing solutions in packaging halls for greenhouse vegetables and fruit worldwide. Berkvens Greenhouse Mobility develops and produces […]

Strong points scissorslift Berkvens Greenhouse Mobility

Steel surface treatment. All steel is sand blasted and then two layers of powder coating are added. Sand blasting is important to descale the steel. The sharp edges are also rounded off. Because of the sand blasting, instead of cleaning the steel in an acid bath, the steel can be coated immediately. This ensures that […]

The down-to-earth Dutch approach: converting a Danish cart into a multifunctional lorry…

Thanks to its active collaboration with growers, Astens-based company Berkvens Greenhouse Mobility has developed a ground-breaking approach to intelligent horticulture solutions. As this small but significant innovation illustrates, this can range from a high-end scissor lift to a helpful little lorry.